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  • CLIA laboratory in Silicon Valley, CA
  • The first and only PASS certified at-home test kits
  • Cutting-edge laboratory equipment and advanced testing capabilities
  • Developed by medical doctors and life scientists with expertise in microbiology and virology

Why BasisDx Has You in Mind

Trusted Quality

Our CLIA and PASS certified labs ensure the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Fast Results

Receive your results within 48 hours for quick and informed decision-making.

Expert Design

Our STI test kits are developed by medical doctors and microbiologists.

Full Privacy

We prioritize your privacy with HIPAA-compliant processes and discreet packaging.

Affordable Pricing

Enjoy high-quality testing at the lowest prices in the industry.

Comprehensive Options

We offer a wide range of testing kits, including the Pro-13 kit for industry professionals.

Tech Integration

Advanced technology and mobile health integration provide seamless user experiences.

Professional Support

Access professional support, including televisits for certified collection assistance.

Meet the Visionaries Revolutionizing Healthcare

Leading Experts Making Health Testing Accessible and Affordable for Everyone

Dr. Ellen Jo Baron, PhD
Dr. Ellen Jo Baron, PhD
Member of the Board of Directors
  • PASS
  • CLIA
  • stanford

Your Trusted Partner in Home Health Testing

We believe healthcare should be unconditional, accessible, and compassionate.

Our mission

We are reimagining the future of healthcare for patients and medical providers. Our purpose is to empower people to live longer, happier lives through reliable, affordable, and accessible health testing solutions. We are guided by science, empowered by technology, and passionate about caring for people.

Transformative Health Insights

BasisDx utilizes advanced technology and expert-designed processes to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability in our testing. Our analytic processes are LDT validated variant protocols of FDA-approved methods, and we are actively working on obtaining FDA approval for these processes.

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