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Fast, quality results you can trust.

Basis Diagnostics, Inc. (BasisDx) is a Silicon Valley-based clinical laboratory providing high quality, low cost results with rapid turnaround. Driven by an experienced lab and clinical team, BasisDx has implemented the best testing available with a turnkey IT and customer service wrapper to deliver comprehensive clinical testing solutions for your needs. We work with patients, employers, schools, clinics, government institutions, regional entities, and individuals nationwide.

At BasisDx quality and customer service are at the core of everything that we do. BasisDx was established on the strength and experience of our team and the intense scientific vetting that we perform on the instruments, reagents, and protocols that we use to ensure that you get the best possible results.  As a high-complexity license CLIA lab, all testing is conducted under strict CLIA standards. BasisDx offers mobile/remote testing as well as reference lab testing.  BasisDx offers a range of testing options from immunology, general medicine, and specialty multi-omic testing – including genetics, and STI, testing. High-quality instrumentation, scalable technology, robotics/laboratory automation, and mobile deployment are central to our success. BasisDx operates in an 88,000-square-foot facility with a BSL-2 level clean room in Newark, California (SF Bay Area).


Fast, accessible test results without compromising accuracy.

 Our mobile lab can offer individual or large-scale testing at almost any location, and our in-house clinical labs run by scientists and physicians under strict CLIA standards.   For many test types we offer home/office collected testing with super fast turnaround resulted to your phone.

Screening Programs

Our partnerships give us nationwide reach to provide large-scale registration, collection, and reporting and ongoing surveillance for clients nationwide.

On-site Testing

We can pop-up fully-staffed long-term or short-term testing services for on-site collections and test-resulting.

Remote Testing

With mobile-labs, self-swab mail-in services, and concierge services, we can deliver scalable testing at any location.

Telepresence Testing

Visit our shop and purchase a kit for home/remote use with an optional teleproctor for certified results.

Home/Office Self-Collection Options

At home/remote testing are expanding in popularity and use.

Flexible Test Options

We have multiple test types, turnaround times.

Secure Result Reporting

Our proprietary portal delivers HIPAA-compliant results directly to patients, with administrative reporting for sponsoring entities.

Our Partnerships

Our team works with you to deliver a testing solution at the speed, scale, and location you need.


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Visit the BasisDx Shop.  Get a home test today. Pair it with a teleproctor session for certified reports from home or anywhere.