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Fast, accessible test results without compromising accuracy.

 Our mobile lab can offer individual or large-scale testing at almost any location, and our in-house clinical labs run by scientists and physicians under strict CLIA standards.   For many test types we offer home/office collected testing with super fast turnaround resulted to your phone.

Screening Programs

Our partnerships give us nationwide reach to provide large-scale registration, collection, and reporting and ongoing surveillance for clients nationwide.

On-site Testing

We can pop-up fully-staffed long-term or short-term testing services for on-site collections and test-resulting.

Remote Testing

With mobile-labs, self-swab mail-in services, and concierge services, we can deliver scalable testing at any location.

Telepresence Testing

Visit our shop and purchase a kit for home/remote use with an optional teleproctor for certified results.

Home/Office Self-Collection Options

At home/remote testing are expanding in popularity and use.

Flexible Test Options

We have multiple test types, turnaround times.

Secure Result Reporting

Our proprietary portal delivers HIPAA-compliant results directly to patients, with administrative reporting for sponsoring entities.

Our Partnerships

Our team works with you to deliver a testing solution at the speed, scale, and location you need.


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Visit the BasisDx Shop.  Get a home test today. Pair it with a teleproctor session for certified reports from home or anywhere.